the shite, Sunday, 16 January 2011, 2.05pm K.O.

Everton allocation: 2,948 tickets,

Match ticket prices:

Standard view.
Adult: £45
Senior: £34
Junior: £22.50

Restricted view.
Adult: £44
Senior: £33
Junior: £22

Severely restricted view.
Adult: £42
Senior: £31.50
Junior: £21

Any members who wish to meet up for drinks and breakfast or lunch before the kick off, then the usual starting point is Wetherspoons in the city centre from between 10.00am - 1.00pm.

Tickets ordered: 30.12.10.

Due to this fixture been of great demand, the Everton ticket office will be giving all supporters clubs their average allocation for this match. Therefore we will be using our priority list to distribute the allocated tickets to members. (30.12.10.).

Priority List:
The priority list has been used for a number of years by ESCWARA when it comes to limited match tickets for the great demand games.
The system works by giving every member 1 point for every away match ticket purchased through ESCWARA, and another 1 point for travelling with ESCWARA to that away match. The points will be added together from the previous 20 away matches prior to the match concerned.
When it comes to the Anfield derby match all members will receive 1 point only because all members make own travel arrangements for this match.
The members with the most points will receive first distribution, we then work down the priority list to the cut off point with the number of tickets received from Everton.
Please work out if you can your own points total, and if you wish to know your current total text Terry and i will return a text ASAP.

We have been allocated 29 tickets for this match. (05.01.11.).

The ESCWARA priority list works out that the 29 members who will receive a ticket will be the ones with 8 points and above from the ESCWARA priority list. (05.01.11.).

* All members who are on the requested ticket list have now been informed by TEXT of their situation for this match. If you have not please contact Terry ASAP. (06.01.11.).

Result: Draw 2-2

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