West Brom, Sat, 13th September 2014, 3.00pm K.O.

Request ticket before: 23.08.2014.
Everton allocation: 2,719

Result: Won 2-0 (Lukaku), (Mirallas)
Attendance: 23,567

NO requests for match tickets will be taken without a completed MEMBERSHIP.

Match ticket prices:
Adult: £39
60+:  £29
U/21: £25
Full Time Students: £25
U/17: £15

Coach prices:
Adult: £18
Senior: £9
Junior: £9

Coach departure times:
Widnes, Albion: 9.30am
Runcorn, Old Town: 9.45am
Runcorn, Shopping City: 10.00am

*Please respect departure times*
The Wilsons pub Runcorn.
Sunday 7th September 2014, 1.00pm.
  Please attend this meeting if anyone would like to know more information regarding the Europa league fixtures and the travel options available, and also if you have any alternative suggestions to put forward.

"The Happy Couple"

ESCWARA would like to offer Congratulations to Donna and Pablo on getting married on Friday 5th September 2014.
Mr & Mrs Lucas

Uefa Europa League Group H

MATCH 1: Everton v Wolfsburg, Thursday 18 September, 8.05pm (UK)

MATCH 2: FC Krasnodar v Everton, Thursday 2 October, 5pm (UK)

MATCH 3: Lille v Everton, Thursday 23 October, 6pm (UK)

MATCH 4: Everton v Lille, Thursday 6 November, 8.05pm (UK)

MATCH 5: Wolfsburg v Everton, Thursday 27 November, 6pm (UK)

MATCH 6: Everton v FC Krasnodar, Thursday 11 December, 8.05pm (UK)

Leicester City, Sat, 16th August 2014, 3.00pm K.O.

Request ticket before: 26.07.2014.
Everton allocation: 3,300

Result: Draw 2-2  (McGeady), (Naismith).
Attendance: 31,603

NO requests for match tickets will be taken without a completed MEMBERSHIP.
Match ticket prices:
Adult: £35
Senior: £31
U/22: £31
U/18: £22
U/12: £9
U/10: £7

Coach prices:
Adult: £21
Senior: £10
Junior: £10

Coach departure times:
Widnes, Albion: 9.15am
Runcorn, Old Town: 9.30am
Runcorn, Shopping City: 9.45am

*Please respect departure times*


Membership meetings

Season 2014/2015 Membership.
If you are thinking of joining ESCWARA for next season you will need to make sure you have an Official Everton Customer Number. This will be used when applying for away tickets on your behalf. From this we can then obtain the neccessary points you are entitled from Everton FC for each game you attend thus making it a lot easier and more of a chance for you to obtain tickets for the 'bigger games,' like Cup Finals (hopefully) for next season and beyond.

Please obtain your customer number if you do not have one from this Eticketing link at the following:- 

If you are a season ticket holder your customer number can be found on your season ticket card.

Membership Meetings:

Widnes or Runcorn

Meetings will be held in:
Widnes, at the Select Security Stadium Sports Bar or
Runcorn, at The Wilsons Pub.

Sun, 22nd June 2014, 1.00pm to 3.00pm Runcorn.
Tue, 24th June 2014, 7.00pm to 9.00pm Runcorn.
Sun, 29th June 2014, 1.00pm to 3.00pm Widnes.
Tue, 1st July 2014, 7.00pm to 9.00pm Runcorn.
Sun, 6th July 2014, 1.00pm to 3.00pm Widnes.
Tue, 8th July 2014, 7.00pm to 9.00pm Runcorn.  
Sun, 13th July 2014, 1.00pm to 3.00pm Runcorn.
Tue, 15th July 2014, 7.00pm to 9.00pm Runcorn.   

The purpose of these meetings is for the renewal or to take new memberships.
Each person will need to complete a membership form in full each season, along with the payment of any fees. Adult: £10 ... Senior: £6 ... Junior: free.
Please Note
NO requests for match tickets will be taken without a completed MEMBERSHIP.
Any Members interested in any UEFA Europa league matches must submit a photo copy of their valid Passport photo page ASAP.



Season 2014/2015

Everton fixtures Season 2014/2015
(Correct at 07.01.2015.)

     16/08/2014 3.00pm     Leicester City 2 v 2 Everton
     23/08/2014 5.30pm     Everton 2 v 2 Arsenal
     30/08/2014 5.30pm     Everton 3 v 6 Chelsea
     13/09/2014 3.00pm     West Bromwich Albion 0 v 2 Everton
     18/09/2014 8.05pm     Everton 4 v 1 Wolfsburg (Europa)
     21/09/2014 4.00pm     Everton 2 v 3 Crystal Palace
     23/09/2014 8.00pm     Swansea City 3 v 0 Everton (Capital One cup)
     27/09/2014 12.45pm   Liverpool 1 v 1 Everton
     02/10/2014 5.00pm     FC Krasnodar 1 v 1 Everton (Europa)
     05/10/2014 12.00pm   Manchester United 2 v 1 Everton
     18/10/2014 3.00pm     Everton 3 v 0 Aston Villa
     23/10/2014 6.00pm     Lille 0 v 0 Everton (Europa)
     26/10/2014 1.30pm     Burnley 1 v 3 Everton
     01/11/2014 3.00pm     Everton 0 v 0 Swansea City
     06/11/2014 8.05pm     Everton 3 v 0 Lille (Europa)
     09/11/2014 1.30pm     Sunderland 1 v 1 Everton
     22/11/2014 3.00pm     Everton 2 v 1 West Ham United
     27/11/2014 6.00pm     Wolfsburg 0 v 2 Everton (Europa)
     30/11/2014 4.00pm     Tottenham Hotspur 2 v 1 Everton
     03/12/2014 7.45pm      Everton 1 v 1 Hull City
     06/12/2014 5.30pm     Manchester City 1 v 0 Everton
     11/12/2014 8.05pm     Everton 0 v 1 FC Krasnodar (Europa)
     15/12/2014 8.00pm      Everton 3 v 1 Queens Park Rangers
     20/12/2014 3.00pm      Southampton 3 v 0 Everton
     26/12/2014 3.00pm      Everton 0 v 1 Stoke City
     28/12/2014 4.15pm      Newcastle United 3 v 2 Everton
     01/01/2015 3.00pm      Hull City 2 v 0 Everton
     06/01/2015 7.45pm      Everton 1 v 1 Wesy Ham (FA cup)
     10/01/2015 3.00pm      Everton 1 v 1 Manchester City
     13/01/2015 7.45pm      West Ham 2 V 2 Everton (FA cup), A.E.T. (Lost 9-8 on pen)
     19/01/2015 8.00pm      Everton 0 v 0 West Bromwich Albion
     31/01/2015 3.00pm      Crystal Palace 0 v 1 Everton
     07/02/2015 5.30pm      Everton 0 v 0 Liverpool
     11/02/2015 7.45pm      Chelsea 1 v 0 Everton
     19/02/2015 6.00pm     BSC Young Boys 1 v 4 Everton (Europa)
     21/02/2015 3.00pm      Everton 2 v 2 Leicester City
     26/02/2015 8.05pm     Everton  3 v 1 BSC Young Boys (Europa)
     01/03/2015 2.05pm      Arsenal 2 v 0 Everton
     04/03/2015 7.45pm      Stoke City 2 v 0 Everton
     12/03/2015 8.05pm      Everton 2 v 1 Dynamo Kiev (Europa)
     14/03/2015 3.00pm      Everton 3 v 0 Newcastle United
     19/03/2015 6.00pm      Dynamo Kiev 5 v 2 Everton (Europa)
     21/03/2015 3.00pm      Queens Park Rangers 1 v 2 Everton
     04/04/2015 3.00pm      Everton 1 v 0 Southampton
     11/04/2015 3.00pm      Swansea City 1 v 1 Everton
     18/04/2015 3.00pm      Everton 1 v 0 Burnley
     26/04/2015 3.00pm      Everton 3 v 0 Manchester United
     02/05/2015 3.00pm      Aston Villa 3 v 2 Everton
     09/05/2015 12.45pm    Everton 0 v 2 Sunderland
     16/05/2015 3.00pm      West Ham United 1 v 2 Everton
     24/05/2015 3.00pm      Everton v Tottenham Hotspur


Please see below a letter recently received from Everton FC.

If anyone wishes to discuss the contents of this letter further, then please attend the next meeting at "The Wilsons Pub" in Runcorn on Sunday 27th July 2014, at 1.00pm prompt.

Annual General Meeting 2014
The Wilsons pub function room.
24-30 Bridge St
Runcorn WA7 1BY
Sunday 8th June 2014, 1.00pm.

The purpose of this meeting is for the ESCWARA committee to submit the relevant paper work of income and expenses to its members from season 2013/2014.
Any other items from this season can be addressed in order to move forward in the right direction for the forthcoming season.

Also to be discussed will be the Europa League fixtures for match ticket and travel arrangements.

If members have any particular items they would like putting on the agenda, then please text these to Chris Bebbington ASAP, or items on the day can be dealt with in any other business in the meeting.

* Please note that no names or monies will be taken at this meeting for membership fees for season 2014/2015.

Thank you.


UEFA Europa league 2014/2015

UEFA Europa League guide 2014/2015.


2014/15 UEFA Europa League match calendar


First qualifying round, first leg

First qualifying round, second leg

Second qualifying round, first leg

Second qualifying round, second leg

Third qualifying round, first leg

Third qualifying round, second leg

Play-off round, first leg

Play-off round, second leg

Group stage, matchday one

Group stage, matchday two

Group stage, matchday three

Group stage, matchday four

Group stage, matchday five

Group stage, matchday six

Round of 32, first leg

Round of 32, second leg

Round of 16, first leg

Round of 16, second leg

Quarter-finals, first leg

Quarter-finals, second leg

Semi-finals, first leg

Semi-finals, second leg

Final (National Stadium, Warsaw)

2014/15 UEFA Europa League access list
This list is provisional and subject to final confirmation from UEFA