The priority list has been used for a number of years by ESCWARA when it comes to limited match tickets for the great demand matches.
The system works by giving every member one point for every away match ticket purchased through ESCWARA, and another one point for travelling with ESCWARA to that away match. The points will be added together from the previous 20 away matches prior to the match concerned.
When it comes to the Anfield derby match all members will receive one point only because all members make own travel arrangements for this match.
The members with the most points will receive first distribution, we then work down the priority list to the cut off point with the number of tickets received from Everton.
Please work out if you can your own points total, and if you wish to know your current total text Terry who will return a text ASAP.

Please note:

This points system will also come into operation if for any reason the situation arises whereas there are more members wishing to go to an away game, than there are seats available on the coach.

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